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Over 30 Communications students attended the "Photography for Non-Photographers" workshop held Saturday, September 14, in College Park. The free event featured apparel photographer Damion Lloyd and portrait specialist Jackie Lovato, both of whom are Comm Department graduates. Mike Rice, the owner of Fullerton Cameras, also presented on finding camera and technical resources.

Organized by Comm instructor Davis Barber, instruction centered on making better pictures regardless of whether you are using a camera or a phone.  PR major Ji Young An said "My favorite part during the photography workshop was when Damion taught us the tricks used in photos for advertisements and marketing like using fishing line to elevate the vape pen. I thought it was interesting because that is the type of thing I want to do in the future in addition to incorporating a lot of social media with it."

The morning tutorials were enhanced with door prizes ranging from coffee house gift certificates to Zelda stand up action figures. 

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A video guide to Non-Profit and Service Organizations in: Fullerton, CA

Fullerton Cares Autism Awareness

Pathways of Hope

Crittenton Services

Rube! - A Story About Baseball, Highly Fictionalized

Rube!, a play by Fullerton playwrite Joel Beers, is currently showing at the Curtis Theatre in Brea, California.

Tickets may be purchased here.

School busing is in the news these days. This is one person's story:

Davis Barber tells the story of being bused across town during the inaugural year of school busing in Pasadena, California.

Bands Undercover, streamed live from Fullerton's Day of Music:

Bands Undercover features individual and groups of musicians playing to a live stream audience During the Day of Music in Fullerton, California. Performances were featured from the sheet music room of Mo's Music Center, an icon of the city's music community.

One housing solution, in Ashland, Oregon

In Production: The Only One in the Room

"It's a lot of pressure to put on people, in general, when you're presumed to be speaking for a much larger audience," says Ash Kalra, now serving the 27th District in California's State Assembly. His comments echo the sentiment of other Asian Americans in California politics."

This trailer sets the tone for "The Only One in the Room," a documentary film in production that is taking a look at the growth, or lack thereof, of political clout among Indian Americans.

Key to the story is Dalip Singh Saund, an immigrant from India who in 1956 became the country's first Asian American elected to the House of Representatives.

"The Only One in the Room" has roots in Fullerton, California, where an ambitious young, Indian high school student realized that he too could hold public office. All he needed to do was change his hair, change his religion and change his name.

LocalStories.US is proud to sponsor production of "The Only One in the Room." If you would like to participate spiritually or financially, please contact us at national@LocalStories.US.

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