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In Production: The Only One in the Room

"It's a lot of pressure to put on people, in general, when you're presumed to be speaking for a much larger audience," says Ash Kalra, now serving the 27th District in California's State Assembly. His comments echo the sentiment of other Asian Americans in California politics."

This trailer sets the tone for "The Only One in the Room," a documentary film in production that is taking a look at the growth, or lack thereof, of political clout among Indian Americans.

Key to the story is Dalip Singh Saund, an immigrant from India who in 1956 became the country's first Asian American elected to the House of Representatives.

"The Only One in the Room" has roots in Fullerton, California, where an ambitious young, Indian high school student realized that he too could hold public office. All he needed to do was change his hair, change his religion and change his name.

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