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Why Cristal Drake is Loved by Her Clients

Lord knows we have a lot of Realtors in Fullerton. Many of them are very good at what they do. Many have specialties and neighborhoods they know inside and out.  For clients, finding the right personality can play an important role. 

For us here at Fullerton Stories, we get this incredible holiday gift from Cristal and her team each year, and every time after we swear allegiance to her forevermore. As a bonus, she always features local vendors, which is a great boost for all who work with her. 

This year’s basket included:

Cline Wine  from Vino Nostra - Downtown Fullerton, CA.

Lemon Cake from Orange Clementine - Fullerton, CA.

Cherished Bath Bomb from Share and Do Good - Downtown Fullerton, CA.

Let's Explore Ornament from Oh Hello Friend - Downtown Fullerton, CA.

ChocXo Dark Chocolate  from ChocXo - Costa Mesa, CA.

Smoked Black Pepper and Himalayan Pink Salt from Whole Spice - Napa Valley, CA.

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