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coming Events

  • Rube! A Play by Joel Beers

    Rube! Is now playing at the Curtis Theatre in Brea, California.   Read More

  • An important and long overdue announcement

    Fullerton Stories is now Local Stories. It has a new location, too: LocalStories.US.

    Local Stories still provides community-specific content and has added live streaming capabilities. Its focus is to promote non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses for a fee.

    Please join us. For more information about listings, rates and fees, contact us at, or call us at (714) 525-2671.   Read More

  • Day of Music Fullerton, June 21

    Turn to LocalStories.US to see LIVE performances streaming from Fullerton's Day of Music. Local Stories will have cameras at Mo's Music Center broadcasting Band Undercover - local musicians playing up to three songs each. Streaming starts at 2 p,m. Friday, June 21, 2019.   Read More